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     My company's name is taken from my favorite Irish legend in which a man is forced into severe trials and proves himself to posses loyalty, honor, and great integrity. His story impressed me at a young age and I want these to be the traits I embody both as a person and a business woman. And so, Morraha Designs was born.


     Morraha Designs is a company rooted in a long family history of artistry that reaches back for generations. The first necklace I remember owning was hand stitched by my mother out of pink and green beads. I remember her letting me watch as she worked, explaining to me that the tiny glass beads were called seed beads while the larger ones were pony beads, and showing me how to make beaded flower chains.


     My mother was my earliest artistic influence and I grew up dabbling in jewelry. I made macaroni and newpaper bead necklaces in Mother's Day classes. I played with the plastic bead sets that little girls love. When I was older and the braided hemp necklaces became popular I made those too. It was always my mother who gave me the plastic bead kits as a child, bought the hemp, and beautiful glass beads to go with it when I was a teen. She was the one who planted and nurtured the seeds of creativity in me.


     When I went to college my jewelry-making fell by the wayside. Leaving college and getting a job didn't help restore it either. I ended up in a job that was nothing but stress and frustration. I was miserable for more than a year there. The turning point for me was when I reconnected with an old friend who made jewelry for a living. She reminded me how much I had always enjoyed it even if all I had made were trinkets.


     This led to me making a necklace as a gift for a friend, then to repairing a broken necklace of my own, and I just kept going. My job was still horrible but using my breaks to create new and lovely things helped get me through the days. That was five years ago. I have since left that job behind and devote as much time as I can to creating beautiful and unique jewelry.


     My hope is that when you wear my work it will bring you the same joy I had while creating it.

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